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gif-creation-service provides a Promise-based-interface for creating GIFs. It currently only supports animated GIFs (who wants a static GIF anyways?) from PNG images. Underneath the hood it uses gifencoder.

How to install

npm install --save gif-creation-service

How to use

Here's an example that creates a repeating GIF from 8 images at 1 FPS.

const GifCreationService = require('gif-creation-service');
const pngImages = [
const outputGifFile = 'output.gif';
GifCreationService.createAnimatedGifFromPngImages(pngImages, outputGifFile, {repeat: true, fps: 1, quality: 10})
.then(outputGifFile => {
    console.log(`Alright, GIF ${outputGifFile} created!`);