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A set of build tools for The Iron Yard


Install the module with: npm install ghost-helm


You'll want to require Ghost Helm like you would any other node module.

var ghostHelm = require('ghost-helm');

After this, you'll want to merge Ghost Helm's built-in gulp tasks with the tasks you've defined in your own gulpfile.js. Pass in any config options that you'd like to override, and a reference to your gulpfile.js's gulp object.

ghostHelm.setup({}, gulp);


Ghost Helm can be used in a few different ways. After calling ghostHelm.setup, you can refer to the built in tasks as you would any other gulp task. The built in tasks are:

  • templates
  • jade
  • markdown
  • styles
  • scripts
  • images
  • asset-build
  • fonts
  • sitemap
  • clean
  • build
  • deploy
  • connect
  • serve
  • watch

If you're happy with the defaults, the command ghost-helm build will simplly produce the dist using the 'build' task:

$ npm install -g ghost-helm
$ ghost-helm build

You can also run any ghost-helm gulp task from the command line with ghost-helm run <command>. For example for local development, you can run:

$ ghost-helm run watch


Copyright (c) 2014 Mason Stewart
Licensed under the MIT license.