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    Consistency gherkins checker for nightwatch-cucumber projects.

    Given a folder containing gherkin files (.features), a consistency test will check if all the steps used in the gherkins will match in your steps definition file.

    How to use

    Install the module in your source folder

    npm install gherkin-checker --save

    and add it to your scripts

    "scripts": {
        "gherkin-checker": "gherkin-checker"

    or install globally

    npm install -g gherkin-checker

    and in your source folder simply run



    In the folder where you'll run the module create a file named gherkin-checker.conf.js if you want to override the default configs.

    //default configurations
    module.exports = {
        features_path: "./features",
        steps_path: "./steps/common-steps",
        mode: 'full',
        components: {
            enabled: false,
            components_path: "./components/components",
            excludedComponents: []
        reporter: {
            type: 'light'

    features_path (string)

    The folder containing your gherkin files (.features).

    steps_path (string)

    The file containing your steps definitions.

    mode (string)

    Define the test running mode.

    • full: a separate test will be performed for each .feature file in the features_path folder
    • light: a global test will be performed for all .feature files in the features_path folder

    components (object)

    Additional components configurations.

    If you use a module that exports a list of components used for mapping css-selectors with this structure:

    // example: components.js
    module.exports {
        _components: {
            'component1': 'body',
            'component2': '.container',
            'component3': '.container div',
            'component4': '.footer'

    and in your gherkin you have something like this:

    #gherkin that uses components
        Given I do something
        When I click "component1"
        Then "component2" is displayed

    then you should set components.enable = true.

    components.enable (bool)

    Enable additional components support

    components.components_path (string)

    The file containing your components definition.

    components.excludedComponents (array)

    Array of components you want to skip in consistency check.

    reporter (object)

    Console reporter configurations.

    reporter.type (string)

    Define the console report style.

    • full: both successful and failed assertions will be shown
    • light: only failed assertions will be shown
    credits: the reporter is a custom version of tap-diff


    you can specify the --path parameter to change the features_path option

    Usage: gherkin-checker [options]
      -h, --help            output usage information
      -V, --version         output the version number
      -p, --path <path>     features folder location (priority over configuration files)
      -m, --mode <value>    (optional) test mode [full|light])
      -r, --report <value>  (optional) report style [full|light])


    npm i gherkin-checker

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