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Lightweight GetText for Javascript

GetText support for CommonJS and the browser

Lightweight GetText for Javascript

This module provides GetText support for both CommonJS and the browser.

Categories and locales are not supported, and will never be. It is assumed that the content currently loaded into GetText matches the current locale.

var fs = require('fs');
var GetText = require('gettextlight').GetText;
function errorHandler(err) {
    console.log('[GetText][' + err.domain_name + '][#' + err.line + '' + err.message);
GetText.load(fs.readFileSync('en/messages.po', 'utf-8'), errorHandler);
GetText.loadDomain('domain1', fs.readFileSync('en/domain1.po', 'utf-8'), errorHandler);
console.log(GetText.ngettext('person', 'persons', 12));
console.log(GetText.dpgettext('domain1', 'animal', 'cat'));
<script src="gettextlight/lib/index.js"></script>
function errorHandler(err) {
    console.log('[GetText][' + err.domain_name + '][#' + err.line + '' + err.message);
function on_localization_data(data) {
    var numPOFiles = data && data.length >>> 0;
    while (numPOFiles > 0) {
        var po = data[--numPOFiles];
        // if po.domainName is undefined or null, the default domain ('messages') is used 
        window.GetText.loadDomain(po.domainName, po.content, errorHandler);
    console.log(window.GetText.ngettext('person', 'persons', 12));
    console.log(window.GetText.dpgettext('domain1', 'animal', 'cat'));
<!-- query some JSONP content -->
<script src="get_po_content.js?callback=on_localization_data"></script>


var greeting = GetText.gettext("Hello!");

Equivalent to GetText.dpngettext(null, null, msgid, null, null).

ngettext(msgid, msgid_plural, n)

GetText.ngettext("Comment", "Comments", 10);

Equivalent to GetText.dpngettext(null, null, msgid, msgid_plural, n).

dgettext(domain, msgid)

var greeting = GetText.dgettext("ja", "Hello!");

Equivalent to GetText.dpngettext(domain, null, msgid, null, null).

dngettext(domain, msgid, msgid_plural, n)

GetText.dngettext("ja", "Comment", "Comments", 10);

Equivalent to GetText.dpngettext(domain, null, msgid, msgid_plural, n).

pgettext(msgctxt, msgid)

GetText.pgettext("menu items", "File");

Equivalent to GetText.dpngettext(null, msgctxt, msgid, null, null).

pngettext(msgctxt, msgid, msgid_plural, n)

GetText.pngettext("menu items", "Recent File", "Recent Files", 3)*

Equivalent to GetText.dpngettext(null, msgctxt, msgid, msgid_plural, n).

dpgettext(domain, msgctxt, msgid)

GetText.dpgettext("ja", "menu items", "File");

Equivalent to GetText.dpngettext(domain, msgctxt, msgid, null, null).

dpngettext(domain, msgctxt, msgid, msgid_plural, n)

GetText.dpngettext("ja", "menu items", "Recent File", "Recent Files", 3)

GetText.loadDomain(domain, source, error_handler)

error_handler will be called every time an error is encountered.

GetText.load(source, error_handler)

Equivalent to GetText.loadDomain('messages', source, error_handler)


Equivalent to GetText.releaseDomain('messages').