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    A command-line tool to search and download books hosted on


    To search using gettextbook, simply supply a search string.

    $ gettextbook beginning android

    You can search by ISBN, author, or any other token that appears as part of the title (the bold yellow part of the result).

    The server responds with 25 results per page, but you can specify the amount of pages to return with the -c <number> or --count=<number> flag. You specify the starting page with the -p <number> or --page=<number> flag. Both these flags default to 1. So, to search for the first 250 books on JavaScript, you may use something like

    $ gettextbook -c 10 javascript

    To download one of the results, add a -d <result #> or --download=<result #>. The <result #> placeholder corresponds to the number of the search result for the same query without -d. By default the program downloads to the current working directory with the filename that is used on the server, but you can supply a custom directory or filepath with the -f <name> or --filename=<name> flags.

    If there is only one result gettextbook will download it, you can use -n or --no-download to disable this behavior.

    So, to download the 5th book on page 2 of the results for Python books, use

    $ gettextbook -p 2 -d 5 python

    Queries must be at least 4 characters.


    npm i gettextbook

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