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Generate file names for temporary files:

var getTemporaryFilePath = require('gettemporaryfilepath');
getTemporaryFilePath(); // "/tmp/112116-2662-18u8bl8" 
getTemporaryFilePath(); // "/tmp/112116-2662-1inp07r" 

Creating and cleaning up the temporary files is your own responsibility.

Custom suffixes and prefixes are supported using the same syntax as node-temp (from which most of the code was taken):

getTemporaryFilePath({suffix: '.png'}); // "/tmp/112116-2662-125a83d.png" 
getTemporaryFilePath({prefix: 'foo-'}); // "/tmp/foo-112116-2662-avhu28" 


Make sure you have node.js and npm installed, then run:

npm install gettemporaryfilepath


Based on node-temp and licensed under the 3-clause BSD license -- see the LICENSE file for details.