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similar to the methodOverride in Express except it overrides GET requests as well. This is useful when creating services that interact with your API via JSONP requests

GET methodOverride

A method override similar to express.methodOverride, but for GET requests instead of POST requests. This is incredibly useful when building client-side widgets that must interact with your API via XHR and JSONP requests.

npm install get-methodoverride


After installing the NPM package we need to add it to Express. In Express's app.configure block add app.use(require('get-methodoverride')); as seen below.

app.configure(function() {
    /* Add GET methodOverride AFTER express.methodOverride() and BEFORE app.router */

Now, simply add the _method parameter to your request query as you would to the request body in the traditional methodOverride and your request will be properly routed.


GET methodOverride is tested and can be verified by running the following: