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prompt the user for credentials for a github oauth token


Prompt the user for username/password to get a github token. Works with TFA.

var getToken = require('get-github-token')
getToken(['scopes'], 'note!', '', function(err, token) {
  // token will be a string. 
// or pass your own github api instance! 
var gh = new Github({version: '3.0.0', protocol: 'https'})
getToken(['scopes'], 'note!', '', gh, function(err, token) {
  // token will be a string. 
// signature
  , note:String
  , noteUrl:String
 [, github:Github]
  , ready:Function(err:Error, token:String)

Prompts the user for username/password in order to attain a Github oauth token. Requires a list of scopes, a note string, a note url, and a callback. The callback will receive err or token, where token represents a string containing the oauth token. If not given, the github parameter will be a node-github instance created as a 3.0.0 API against https protocol.