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Concise SQL generation for Postgres and MySQL

Gesundheit - Concise SQL generation for node.js

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Gesundheit generates SQL using a sugary API for managing the abstract syntax tree of a statement. After building your statement programmatically, gesundheit can compile it to a string or execute it against your database for you, using proper bound parameters and allowing for streaming of results.

Here's a quick example to illustrate::

select = require('./lib').select
assert = require('assert')
query = select('chairs', ['chair_type', 'size'])
  .where({chair_type: 'recliner', weight: {lt: 25}})

assert.deepEqual(query.compile(), [
  'SELECT chairs.chair_type, chairs.size FROM chairs WHERE chairs.chair_type = ? AND chairs.weight < ?',
  ['recliner', 25]


See the documentation <>_ for full API documentation and more examples showing different query types, joins, query execution and more.

In addition to the usual npm install gesundheit, you will need to install the driver for your database. Driver support is provided by Any-DB <>_, which currently supports MySQL, Postgres and SQLite3. So for example, if you use PostgreSQL as your database backend you would do npm install --save any-db-postgres.


Stephen Sugden