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poly.make([x1,y1,x2,y2...]) poly.convexHull(a[,c]) poly.add(a,x,y[,c]) poly.close(a) poly.inside(a,x,y) > Boolean poly.area(a) > Number poly.centroid(a) > vec poly.translate(a,x,y[,c]) // or just transform? poly.rotate(a,x,y[,c]) // or just transform? poly.scale(a,x,y[,c]) // or just transform? poly.transform(a,mat[,c]) poly.aabb(a[,c]) > rect // or a poly-array?

// a->b goes through an edge of p? if so set the intersection // at i and the normal of the edge at n poly.intersects(p,a,b,i,n)

poly.collides(a,b,v) > {}

var rect = poly.make() poly.add(rect,10,10) poly.add(rect,20,10) poly.add(rect,20,20) poly.add(rect,10,20) poly.close(rect)

var rayOrigin = vec.make(5,5) , ray = vec.make() poly.project(p,rayOrigin,ray)