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Transform GeoJSON objects into Mapnik XML stylesheets with embedded GeoJSON data and simplestyle-spec-derived styles.


As a dependency:

npm install --save geojson-mapnikify

As a binary:

npm install -g geojson-mapnikify



  • GeoJSON is valid, and in EPSG:4326
  • Styles, if any, are expressed in simplestyle-spec
  • Mapnik 3.x is the rendering engine


If you install -g, you can use geojson-mapnikify as a binary that takes a single GeoJSON file as an argument and writes a Mapnik XML stylesheet to stdout.

$ geojson-mapnikify test/data/point-retina.geojson > stylesheet.xml
$ geojson-mapnikify test/data/point-retina.geojson retina > stylesheet-retina.xml

mapnikify(geojson, retina, callback)

Transform GeoJSON into Mapnik XML.

  • geojson is a GeoJSON object.
  • retina is true or false for whether the style should be optimized for 2x rendering.
  • callback called with (err, xml) where xml is a string