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We.js generator v0.3.x | generator-wejs Build Status

A Yeoman generator for generate we.js projects, plugins, themes and clientside modules


  • yo wejs:blog ✅ ( for create blog project )
  • yo wejs:plugin ✅
  • yo wejs:theme ✅
  • yo wejs:widget ✅
  • yo wejs:helper ✅
  • yo wejs:resource ✅


  • Yeoman duuhh!

install it with npm

npm install -g yo

Getting Started

What is this npm module?

It generate structures for we.js features like plugins. with example files, configs and tests

How to install the generator

To install generator-wejs from npm, run:

npm install -g generator-wejs

How to generate things?

Generate one simple app structure

yo wejs:app

Generate one we.js plugin

yo wejs:plugin

Generate one we.js theme

yo wejs:theme

Generate one we.js blog project

yo wejs:blog

Generate one we.js template helper file

yo wejs:helper

Generate resource CRUD

yo wejs:resource attr1:type attr2:type

Generate Swagger documentation

yo wejs:doc

How to test

we test
For run only 'wejs:plugin' test use:
we-test -g 'wejs:plugin'

Magicaly update all project generators

npm run upp



Under the MIT license.