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Adam Stephenson's Yeoman Generator for Node-TypeScript Projects Using Visual Studio Code

Using the Yeoman Generator

  1. Install Yeoman.
  • Use npm to install Yeoman globally.

    npm install -g yo
  1. Install the vscode-node-typescript generator.
  • Use npm to install the generator globally.

    npm install -g generator-vscode-node-typescript
  1. Create a directory for your new TypeScript project.
  • Create the directory where you wish to place your TypeScript project.

  • cd into the directory you just created.

    mkdir MyCoolTypeScriptProject
    cd MyCoolTypeScriptProject
  1. Use the vscode-node-typescript generator.
  • Run the vscode-node-typescript Yeoman generator.

    • For a list of optional parameters, add the --help parameter.
    • To prevent installation of dependencies, add the --skip-install parameter.
    ~/source/MyCoolTypeScriptProject $ yo vscode-node-typescript
        |       |    .--------------------------.
        |--(o)--|    |  Welcome to Tony Sneed's |
       `---------´   |    Visual Studio Code    |
        ( _´U`_ )    |   TypeScript generator!  |
        /___A___\    '--------------------------'
         |  ~  |
     ´   `  |° ´ Y `
    ? Application Name (my-cool-type-script-project)

Using Visual Studio Code

  1. Open the TypeScript project in Visual Studio Code.
  1. Compile TypeScript files.
  • Pressing Cmd+Shift+B to compile TypeScript to JavaScript.
    • Notice that a dist folder appears with .js files in it.
    • Also included are sourcemaps and type defitions.
  1. Run tests.
  • Run the tests by pressing Cmd+Shift+T.
    • You should see results displayed in the Output window.
  1. Debug tests.
  • Set a breakpoint on line 15 in greeter.spec.ts, then press Cmd+D to view debugging options.
    • Select Debug Current TypeScript Test from the dropdown and press F5 to launch the debugger.
    • You should hit the breakpoint.
    • Press F11 to step into greeter.greet().
    • Press Shift+F5 to stop the debugger.

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