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Yeoman generator that provides travis-ci setup options for yeoman projects. yo travis-ci:gh-pages is an automated alternative to


npm install -g generator-travis-ci



Beta version 1.0 and hopefully all future versions.


Travis is deeply integrated with github, and in order to set all the travis hooks for you, this generator must be run on project hosted on github. Your git remotes should looks something like this:

git remote -v

origin (fetch) origin (push)


default generator

Sets up to track your project and creates a basic .travis.yml that runs grunt on each commit.

You can then display your projects build/test status in your README or elsewhere like below:

Build Status

Usage: yo travis-ci

gh-pages generator

Aims to make yeoman sites work similar to jekyll sites on github pages. Commit the raw files into master and what is served via gh-pages is grunt build output. For user & organization pages, you specify the branch you'd like to develop in, and the output is pushed to master.

Creates a .travis.yml file that tells travis-ci to build the yeoman project in your master branch after every commit and push the built site into your project's gh-pages branch.

Usage: yo travis-ci:gh-pages


If you have suggestions for common yeoman/grunt testing/deployment tasks that could be handled best by a continuous integration service, make a pull request or shoot me a message!


See the contributing docs


BSD license