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This package has been deprecated

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Project has been moved under the @striblab organization to @striblab/generator-striblab


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Strib Lab Generators

Yeoman-based project generators for (some of) the Star Tribune newsroom projects.


  1. Install NodeJS.
    • On a Mac, install Homebrew and do: brew install node
  2. Install Yeoman, and Gulp: npm install -g yo gulp
  3. Install generator: npm install -g generator-striblab


  1. Make a new directory and enter it: mkdir new-project && cd new-project
    • (Recommended) Create a repo on Github first.
  2. Run generator:
    • yo striblab: Front-end application. Some of the key questions asked in this process:
      • Type of project. A standalone embed is a bundled up project without external dependencies meant to be embedded in an article. The CMS integration version changes the way the application gets hosted to work with the Star Tribune CMS and focuses on creating JS, CSS, and other supporting assets.
      • Google spreadsheet integration. This is for a standalone embed and sets up using a Google Spreadsheet to hold values that are used in the templates. This requires an API connection to Google and asks for the following:
        • The Google API email address which is something like and can be found in the authentication JSON you get in the Google API Console. The environment variable GOOGLE_AUTH_CLIENT_EMAIL will be the default.
        • The Google API private key address which is something like --BEGIN PRIVATE--XX\\nXX\\nXX--END PRIVATE KEY-- and can be found in the authentication JSON you get in the Google API Console. The environment variable GOOGLE_AUTH_PRIVATE_KEY will be the default.
        • Your private Google email to assign ownership of the new spreadsheet for. The environment variable GOOGLE_DEFAULT_SPREADSHEET_OWNER will be the default.
      • Whether or not to include the data analysis template (see below).
    • yo striblab:data: Just the data analysis template. The main questions for this template are the following:
      • Whether to provide an example Drake and some documentation for it.
  3. A will be generated describing the project and its parts.


  1. Get this codebase: git clone && generator-striblab
  2. Install dependencies and link: npm install && npm link

Each directory is a template, while files in common/ are used across templates.


Manual testing can be done with these helpful commands.

  1. Make directory and install: mkdir generator-test && cd generator-test && yo striblab;
  2. Re-install (assumes the previous step was done and in that directory): cd ..; rm -rv generator-test && mkdir generator-test && cd generator-test && yo striblab


Favicons for front-end template generated manually with (Real Favicon Generator)[].


npm i generator-striblab

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