function as a stream source

This module would be comvenient when you write test for your original stream. You don't need a file to provide a big data for your test.

How to use

var createGeneratorStream = require('generator-stream').create,
    count = 0,
    generator = createGeneratorStream({
      count: 3, // you can set repeat count(default: 100)
      // This is a function providing data for stream
      generator: function() {
        return new Buffer('hello world:' + (++count));
    fs = require('fs'),
    out = fs.createWriteStream('out.txt');


Generator function

You can use following function types.

  • synchronous generator
  • just return Buffer
  • asynchronous generator
  • call done(error, Buffer) when ready. You will call done(null, buffer) in usual cases

Run tests

npm install -d
npm test