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Stems - Generator

A Yeoman generator used to bootstrap Node.js micro-services.

Install Yeoman

To install the Yeoman CLI, run:

npm install -g yo

Install the generator

To install Stems from npm, run:

npm install -g generator-stems

Run the generator

Finally, initiate the generator:

yo stems

Generator options

Currently these are the options and their implications:

  • Project Name
    • Used for display purposes in logging and comments
    • Converted to kebab-case, then used as the name field in package.json as well as the file path in Dockerfile
  • Description
    • Used as the description field in package.json
  • Version
    • Used as the version field in package.json
  • Repo URL
    • Used as the repository.url and homepage fields in package.json
    • Suffixed with /issues to form the bugs field in package.json
  • Author
    • Used as the field in package.json
  • Author's Email
    • Used as the field in package.json
  • Public App?
    • Sets up a Mongoose and Baucis based webapp with a default public config
  • Private App?
    • Sets up a Mongoose and Baucis based webapp with a default private config
  • Amazon SWF?
    • Sets up default directories and dependencies (like Usher) for Amazon SWF workflows, activities and deciders
  • MongoDB?
    • Sets up MongoDB access through Mongoose and default configurations
    • Already included with Public and Private apps
    • MongoDB is not included

Run tests



npm i generator-stems

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