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    Spring Hexagonal Project

    A Yeoman generator for generating Microservices with SpringBoot in Hexagonal Architecture

    How to use?

    > npm install -g yo
    > npm i generator-springboot-hexagonal
    > yo springboot-hexagonal

    to known more look at the doc page


    • SpringBoot REST API
    • Spring Data JPA integration with option to select databases like MySQL, Postgresql, MariaDB etc
    • RabbitMQ
    • Kubernetes
    • Flyway data migration support
    • SpringBoot Actuator configuration
    • Spring Native / GraalVM
    • ReactJS starter
    • TestContainers integration
    • JUnit 5
    • ArchUnit
    • Localstack configuration
    • Swagger UI Integration

    Generate REST API with CRUD operations

    You can generate REST API with CRUD operation using the following command:

    🔆 You should run the following command from within the generated project folder.

    myservice> yo springboot-hexagonal:hexagonal Customer

    Customer will be the name used in DTOs, Mappers and Models

    This will generate:

    • JPA entity
    • Spring Data JPA Repository
    • Service
    • Spring MVC REST Controller with CRUD operations
    • Unit and Integration Tests for REST Controller
    • Flyway migration to create table

    Other commands

    myservice> yo springboot-hexagonal:kubernetes see more in

    myservice> yo springboot-hexagonal:react see more in

    myservice> yo springboot-hexagonal:rabbitmq Customer see more in

    myservice> yo springboot-hexagonal:security - in dev

    myservice> yo springboot-hexagonal:kafka - in dev

    myservice> yo springboot-hexagonal:webclient Person --uri - in dev

    Local Development Setup

    > git clone
    > cd generator-springboot
    > npm install 
    > npm link
    > yo springboot-hexagonal


    myservice> yo springboot-hexagonal:cassandra

    myservice> yo springboot-hexagonal:mongodb

    myservice> yo springboot-hexagonal:grpc

    myservice> yo springboot-hexagonal:gateway

    myservice> yo springboot-hexagonal:oauth2

    myservice> yo springboot-hexagonal:mail

    myservice> yo springboot-hexagonal:reactadmin



    npm i generator-springboot-hexagonal

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