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generator-spark-bot Travis XO code style

generator-spark-bot is a yeoman generator that scaffolds out a node Cisco Spark bot following an event-driven fashion, and is extremely easy to get started with.

trigger context => callback()

Designed with simplicity and usability in mind:

  • Fast to get started, just drop a .js file within /commands and your bot will register a listener on start
  • Easier unit testing with access to commands' private methods
  • Includes Flint for a more robust framework


Ensure yeoman is is installed:

npm install -g yo or yarn global add yo

After yeoman is installed:

yo spark-bot

App Structure

├── commands                  # Event handlers are within the commands
│   └── example.js            # An example command for reference
├── app.js                    # Bot entry point
├── config.js                 # Configurations
├── test.js                   # AVA Test
├── license
└── package.json


A command sub-generator [yo spark-bot:command] is soon to come

Commands will instruct the bot on when and how to respond to particular contextual triggers.

To add a command, simply add a .js file within the commands directory. When the bot is initializing, commands will automatically register with Flint at runtime.

These command must implement an interface that contains a trigger property and a callback method. Refer to example.js within the commands directory.

trigger | <RegEx>, <string>

The contextual trigger that will cause the bot to execute the callback upon matches.

callback | <function>

The function to be executed (event handler).


  • npm run test - Run linter and unit test
  • npm start - Start the bot
  • npm run debug - Activate debugging to log

Unit Testing

Unit testing is straightforward, simple, and already configured with the AVA test runner. Commands are accessible through the fileName as a property of the commands object. Thus, any command callbacks can be tested as such: commands.fileName.callback.

In addition, the rewire module is pre-configured to test private methods and is easily accessible without the need of exporting any private methods. This is done with the __get__() method. IE: commands.example.__get__('buildExampleMessage').

Tech Dependencies

Test Runner

  • AVA - 🚀 Futuristic JavaScript test runner


  • XO - JavaScript happiness style linter


  • Express - Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for node.
  • Flint - Cisco Spark Bot SDK for Node JS


MIT © Brandon Him

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