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    Sinatra Datatcher Generator

    Getting Started


    This Generator is born with the frontend developer without any backend knowledge in mind, in fact it will create a very basic datacatcher with a basic the backend logic and a blank frontend ready to edit and make it beautiful. It is born with one main concept easy to use and following this concept once runned it will create a webapp "production ready" meaning that the result is ready to be pushed without any modification.


    The only mandatory presequisiteis obviously Yoeman, NPM and a basic knowledge of command line tool, but for a batter esperience is reccomended to have a Postgres server, Ruby, bundler gem an heroku account with the toolbelt installed. Postgres server, Ruby and the bundler gem are needed for testing the app in your local machine.


    My intended workflow is somrthing like:

    • start the generator

    • $ yo sinatra-datatcher
    • follow the instruction on screen

    • create the local database

    • $ rake db:create
    • create the needed table

    • $ rake db:migrate
    • start the Sinatra app

    • $ sinatra app.rb
    • edit the pages as needed

    • create a new git repository in your project and commit all the files

    • create a new Heroku app with the toolbelt

    • $ heroku create <app-name>
    • push the app to heroku

    • $ git push heroku master
    • chekc the result and fell godd with yourself ;)

    The web app

    The web app is composed by 4 pages:

    • home (with the form)
    • thank you (where the user is redirected after the data is saved)
    • error (where the user is redirected in case of error saving the data)
    • admin (the admin page where all the collected data is displayed, by default is password protected Username :admin, Password :admin)

    each page has is hown view and they share the common layout and to make the dev a little simpler each page have is own route so "/", "/thankyou", "/error", "/admin"

    to change the admin page username and password RECCOMENDED edit this line:

    @auth.provided? and @auth.basic? and @auth.credentials and @auth.credentials == ['admin', 'admin']

    replacing the credential at the end of the line


    npm i generator-sinatra-datatcher

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