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PhoneGap project generator


Yeoman generator for an automated PhoneGap project and build. Uses grunt-phonegap to automate platform builds and performs basic optimization tasks relevant for phonegap projects.

To use the generator you need to have yeoman installed. If you don't already, then:

$ npm install -g yo

To install generator-phonegap from npm, run:

$ npm install -g generator-phonegap

Create a folder for your phonegap project and move to that folder:

$ mkdir my-phonegap-project && cd $_

Initiate the generator:

$ yo phonegap

It will prompt you for project name, package and the mobile platforms you want to build your project by default.

config.xml											Phonegap configuration file
app/												Application sources
	index.html										Auto-generated application entry html
dist/												Processed source data from the app folder
phonegap/											A project structure generated by [phonegap CLI](
	platforms/										Final output folder for platform specific builds

After generating your project, you can generate a full build for your desired platforms by issuing:

grunt platform-build

For the sample project this will automatically minify your source files and run platform builds as per your configuration. After the build has completed, you can find your appropriate platform specific code under the folder phonegap/platforms.

To perform a build without generating platform specific code, simply use:


This is faster if you are developing your app in a browser or ripple, as you can simply point a browser to dist/ with all the relevant html/js/css sources.

Open for suggestions on what features would be desirable.

BSD License