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Pattern Lab Patterns Generator


  • Node.js installed
  • Yeoman installed by running: npm install --global yo
  • Install this generator with: npm install --global generator-pattern-lab-patterns


Navigate to a Pattern Lab site, then cd into the source/ directory. If you run ls and see the _data/ and _patterns/ directory, then you're in the right place. Finally, run this generator:

yo pattern-lab-patterns

Pro Tip: You can just run yo and it'll give you a list of all your installed generators which you can select & run. Much faster and easier to remember.

This will provide you a list of all the Pattern Bundles you can get (which is simply a list of folder we have in this repo under app/templates/). After chosing, it'll copy the patterns into your directory. This can be ran inside a pre-existing project and it can even be ran with other patterns already present! It'll ask you before overriting any file.

This project is in the very early stages, so the list will be pretty limiting for the moment. However, the architecture is laid for the easy contribution of more Pattern Bundles.

So, you may ask What's a Pattern Bundle? Well, we're simply referring to the source/_patterns/ and _source/_data/ folders and all their contained JSON and Template files (currently just Mustache, but other formats are easily added).


No knowledge of Yeoman necessary!! Just fork this repo and make a new directory in app/templates/ that contains it's own _data/ and _patterns/ directories!

To test locally, run this from your repo root:

npm link

This will make your local repo the yeoman generator used. Then you can go elsewhere on your machine and test the generator by running:

yo pattern-lab-patterns

If all looks as you'd expect, then submit a Pull Request! Afterwards, you'll want to get the original generator back by running:

npm install --global generator-pattern-lab-patterns

Pattern Bundles Needed

  • Prototyping toolkit
  • Drupal 7 Forms
  • Drupal 8 Forms
  • A suggested starter set


npm i generator-pattern-lab-patterns

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