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A node.js module scaffolding generator for Yeoman.

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To install generator-nodejs from npm, run:

$ npm install -g generator-nodejs

Finally, initiate the generator:

$ yo nodejs

generator-nodejs screenshot

This generator now supports tape, mocha, and redtape as test frameworks.

It also supports expect.js, chai and 'none' for assertion libraries for BDD style tests.

This generator will install the following files:

  • package-json - initialized with the answers to all your questions.
  • Gruntfile.js (if grunt is selected) - configured to use the following grunt modules:
    • grunt-complexity - show code complexity
    • grunt-contrib-jshint - run code through jshint
    • grunt-contrib-watch - watch for changes then run tests
    • grunt-mocha-cli (if mocha is selected as a test framework) - run mocha tests (because mocha -w sucks)
    • grunt-tape (if 'tape' or 'redtape' is selected as a test framework) - run tape tests
  • .jshintrc - with some sane defaults (for me anyway!)
  • .travis.yml - set up so you can push and get travis-ci continous integration tests.
  • .gitignore - ignore the usual cruft.
  • LICENSE - BSD-3-Clause initialized with your details.
  • - Initialized with your details and travis-ci badges.
  • index.js - Initial library file
  • test/index.js - First unit test in the test framework of your choosing (ie. mocha, tape, or redtape)