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A generator for node-webkit

NWJS generator

Generator to easily maintain cross platform apps. The generator helps to setup a new project and package the app for different OS's and nwjs versions.

Install generator-node-webkit:

npm install -g generator-node-webkit

Make a new directory, and cd into it:

mkdir my-new-project && cd $_

Run yo node-webkit:

yo node-webkit

Available generators:

Sets up a new nwjs app, generating all the boilerplate you need to get started.


yo node-webkit

Downloads a specific nwjs version for an OS of your choice. Generates needed grunt task to build the final app. You can call this generator at any time you want to have a new version nwjs. The sub generator pay attention to already downloaded nwjs source files and will skip the download.


yo node-webkit:download
[?] Please specify which version of node-webkit you want to download: (v0.12.0)
[?] Which platform you develop on? (Use arrow keys)
    ❯ MacOS32


├── nwjs
│   ├── MacOS32_v0.12.0     - The nwjs sources of this combination goes here
├── grunt-tasks             - All costum grunt tasks will go in here
│   ├── MacOS32_v0.12.0.js  - This is the main grunt task to build a dist for this version