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generator-node-cs Build Status

Generator that helps to set up a simple node project in coffeescript.
No bullshit. No boilerplate. Just a good simple foundation to build upon.

What you get

  • Grunt

    • test running
    • linting
    • watchers
    • building
    • version bumps
  • Mocha

    • should.js by default
    • coveralls support
  • Coffeelint

  • Out of the box travis support

Getting Started


To install generator-node-cs, run:

  $ npm install -g generator-node-cs

Initialize the generator:

  $ yo generator-node-cs

Start hacking!

Available grunt tasks

Running spec tests and lint your amazing code

  $ grunt test

Coverage (you will need to pipe the results)

  $ grunt cov > cov.html

Building coffeescript to js

  $ grunt build

Bump the version

  $ grunt bump

Linting your coffeescript (by rules defined in coffeelint.json)

  $ grunt lint

Watching files for changes. Will trigger test job on file changes

  $ grunt watch