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JS Workbench

Yeoman generator for spinning up client-side JS projects quickly.

This is a boilerplate which utilizes Grunt with a number of plugins to perform static analysis, handle development asset compilation/bundling/building, provide testing tools, and altogether make development faster, easier, better, and more fun.


  1. NPM (Node Package Manager)
  2. Yeoman - npm install -g yo
  3. Grunt - npm install -g grunt grunt-cli

Steps to use:

  1. npm install -g generator-js-workbench
  2. yo js-workbench
  3. grunt watch

grunt watch will listen for any changes made to the files as defined in the Gruntfile.js. When issues are encountered by any of the tasks, a desktop notification will appear to alert you to that fact.

If you want to change your project structure, you will need to adjust /Gruntfile.js accordingly to sync-up dir paths.

The Grunt Plugins I leverage are:

  1. Contrib-watch
  2. Contrib-uglify
  3. Contrib-jshint
  4. Contrib-compass
  5. jscs
  6. notify
  7. webpack
  8. karma