Create hexo themes like crazy!

hexo theme generator for yeoman

It's used to quickly scaffold a theme for hexo. The theme it creates is fully functional and has no design. That part is up to you!

It creates all of the necessary files you need to make your own theme.

You will be prompted for:

  • the theme name
  • template language (ejs, jade)
  • hexo plugins directory (yes/no)
  • Bower packages (yes/no)
  • EditorConfig file (yes/no)
  • JSHint file (yes/no)

npm install -g generator-hexo-theme

Navigate to the directory you want to place the theme project in.

mkdir mytheme
cd mytheme
yo hexo-theme

Then goto your hexo site project's _config.yml and switch the theme propery to what you have named it.

tommy351 for making the excellent hexo project. The theme generated by this project is largely based off of his theme called Landscape.