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Moving future development to slush-hexo-theme.

hexo theme generator for yeoman

It's used to quickly scaffold a theme for hexo. The theme it creates is fully functional and has no design. That part is up to you!


It creates all of the necessary files you need to make your own theme within an existing hexo.js project.

You will be prompted for:

  • Theme name?
  • Stylesheet language?
    • styl
    • scss
    • sass
    • less
    • css
  • Template language?
    • ejs
    • pug
    • swig
    • Nunjucks
  • Use hexo plugins directory? (yes/no)
  • Bower? (yes/no)


npm install -g generator-hexo-theme


Create a new hexo app using hexo-cli.

mkdir projectName && cd projectName
hexo init

Navigate to the directory you want to place the theme project in (most likely themes/).

mkdir mytheme && cd mytheme
yo hexo-theme
  • Check main blog _config.yml
    • Set theme property to your theme name, activating this theme
  • Check theme-specific _config.yml
    • Change menu items if needed
    • Change stylesheet and js list if needed

To start the server go back to the root of your hexo project and run hexo server --debug.

Hexo renderers

It might be necessary to goto the blog root and install a specific renderer for the template language you have chosen. Swig is built into Hexo at the current version.

# templates 
npm install hexo-renderer-ejs
npm install hexo-renderer-njks
npm install hexo-render-pug
# styles 
npm install hexo-renderer-stylus
npm install hexo-renderer-less
npm install hexo-renderer-sass

Thank you

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