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This project is Yeoman Generator with CI/CD for Microsoft Bot Framework a.k.a BotBuilder. It started with a fork from DarqueWarrior/generator-team where Donovan Brown created a great yeoman generator for several languages and DevOps targeting different platforms. Based on this yo csebot yeoman generator, I had the need to be able to speed up project kickoffs with botbuilder. I'm sharing this with the community - feel free to colaboration, raise issues, and ask for features!

With this generator, you can pick your language, and it will create Bot boilerplates projects with complete CI and CD on VSTS or TFS.



generator-csebot is a Yeoman generator that creates a complete CI/CD pipeline in Team Foundation Server or Visual Studio Team Services for your Microsoft Bot Framework bot in the following languages:

  • Csharp (C#)
  • Node.js
  • Typescript

Bot comes with:


Install / Usage

You can read how to use it at ***Getting Started***.


  • Add docker support
  • Investigate on how to register bot automatically into Dev Portal
  • Add similar templates to Bot Dev Portal in all supported languages
    • Basic bot: A bot with the basic building blocks needed for any conversation: a welcome message, greeting, and a fallback response when what the user says is not understood by your bot.
    • Echo bot: A simple bot that can echo back a user's message.
    • QnA bot: A bot that demonstrates how to use to power a single-turn question and answer experience.
    • Simple Conversation bot: A bot that demonstrates the use of bot memory to have a simple, contextual conversation with the user.
    • Bot memory: A bot that remembers user’s communication preference and later recalls that in a conversation.
    • Multi-turn conversation bot: A bot that helps a user book a table at Contoso Cafe - a fictitious coffee shop, based out of Seattle, WA.
    • Context carry over bot: A bot that helps a user find cafe locations by carrying over context from prior conversations.
    • Prompt for user input bot: A bot that demonstrates different ways to prompt a user for input while interacting with Contoso Cafe - a fictitious coffee shop based out of Seattle, WA.
    • Complete Contoso Cafe bot: A complete bot for Contoso Cafe - a fictitious coffee shop based out of Seattle, WA. This bot can do all tasks that are otherwise covered in the individual samples.


You can debug the generator using VS Code. You need to update the launch.json. Replace any value in [] with your information. Use npm link from the root folder to load your local version.


npm i generator-csebot

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