A Yeoman generator for starting a project with Breakpoint

Yeoman Breakpoint Generator

The Yeoman Breakpoint generator is an opinionated starting point for responsive Breakpoint projects. It uses Node, Yeoman, Grunt and Bower to scaffold a project, manage dependencies and ready static files for production. It uses RequireJS to structure your Javascript into modules. It uses Bourbon for CSS3 mixins and Modernizr for progressive enhancements. The generator has project defaults for Django and Wordpress, or you can have it assume a vanilla setup.

To learn how to use the Breakpoint grid system please refer to the Breakpoint project's repo.

Breakpoint's scaffolding requires Sass 3.2, Node, Yeoman, Grunt, Bower and this generator to be installed on your system.

Install Sass: $ sudo gem install sass

Install Node:

Install Grunt, Yeoman, Bower and the Breakpoint generator...

$ sudo npm install -g grunt-cli bower yo generator-breakpoint

From the root of your project folder run...

$ yo breakpoint

The generator will install the Grunt and Bower configs wherever you run that command. Your HTML, CSS and JS installation can vary depending on the type of backend you are using. The generator defaults the website root to a folder called 'website'. If you want your front end assets to be placed in your current directory use '.' for your website root.

When in development, Grunt will compile your Sass and lint your JS.

Start Grunt watch: $ grunt watch

Manual compile: $ grunt

When pushing to production, Grunt will minify your css, javascript and images.

Minify: $ grunt build