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    A Yeoman template for generating Botkit applications

    Get Started

    Install Yeoman and this template:

    npm install -g yo generator-botkit

    Create a new folder for your project:

    mkdir mybot
    cd mybot

    From inside your project folder, generate the project:

    yo botkit

    The generator will walk you through the process of configuring and installing your Botkit application. For each platform, a different set of API credentials and options will be collected. Platform specific provisioning guides can be found in the Botkit docs site →

    Once the generator has completed its work, you will be left with a fully operational bot ready to be connected to the messaging platform. To start the application, run npm start. Learn more about the anatomy of a Botkit application →

    The entire process is shown below:

    Botkit Yeoman generator in action

    Community & Support

    Join our thriving community of Botkit developers and bot enthusiasts at large. Over 10,000 members strong, our open Slack group is the place for people interested in the art and science of making bots. Come to ask questions, share your progress, and commune with your peers!

    You can also find help from members of the Botkit team in our dedicated Cisco Spark room!

    About Botkit

    Botkit is a part of the Microsoft Bot Framework.

    Want to contribute? Read the contributor guide

    Botkit is released under the MIT Open Source license


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