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BookshelfJS Yeoman generator

Shortcuts to setup BookshelfJS models and KNEX database connection.


This generator is intended to inject bookshelf into an existing project. It assumes you already have a package.json and develop in a src directory. As this is a Yeoman generator you will need to ensure you have yeoman installed.

npm install -g yo


To install from npm run

npm install -g generator-bookshelf


To add the initial database configuration to your project run the generator from your root directory.

yo bookshelf

This will prompt you to select type of database you want to use and to enter the database details (you can always use the defaults and there them later). The generator will create the following files

  • src/config/database.js - Your database configuration settings. This also doubles as a knexfile. As it contains your database connection details you should exclude it in .gitignore
  • src/config/templates/database.js - A dummy database configuration file that users can copy when cloning your repository
  • src/models/connection/knex.js - Knex instance
  • scripts/migrations/<timestamp>_setup.js - A migration template. You can use the Knex migration api to define your initial database setup in this file.

Dependencies will also be injected into your package.json along with the following scripts

  • migratedb: Run Knex migrations. This can be used to setup or upgrade the database if you have migration files setup
  • createmigration: Create a new Knex migration file

You can create models using the following command

yo bookshelf:model

This will prompt for the table name and id field you are creating the model for. It will also prompt to create relationships with any models you have already defined. Models are created in the src/models directory.


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