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Generate a Yeoman generator based off a boilerplate repository

Maintainer: Ari Porad

Yo dawg, I heard you like generators?

Getting started

  • Install: npm install -g generator-boilerplate-generator
  • Run: yo boilerplate-generator

The principal behind this is that when making a complex generator that generates a whole application, it's preferable to have the boilerplate in a sepeate repository, and have the generator download it whenever it's needed.

So, run this generator with yo boilerplate-generator, give it your GitHub username and the boilerplate repo, and it will generate a generator which when run will download the repo, and customize it.

By default, then generator will replace every instance of {{# name #}} with the name of that the user has chosen for their generated app, it will also replace {{# slug #}} with the slug of the name that the user has chosen for their generated app. The package.json will also be updated (new name, URLs, author, v1.0.0).

Of course, you can edit also the generated generator, to add more options or do whatever.


PR's are welcome, please make sure you update the tests, and make sure it passes JSHint.


MIT. © Ari Porad