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This module has been renamed to generator-angular-library as angular now follows semver


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Simply scaffold your module with this yeoman generator and start writing code without having to setup any tedious boilerplate tooling.

Everything is pre-configured, from a local development server with unit tests, through to publishing your module to npm and a demo to github pages. Hopefully the angular-cli project will one day make this generator obsolete, however currently the angular-cli is geared towards creating a full web-app rather than just a single re-usable module.


First, install Yeoman and generator-angular2-module using npm (we assume you have pre-installed node.js).

npm install -g yo generator-angular2-module

Then create your new repo on github, check it out and from the root of the repo folder run:

yo angular2-module

To generate the demo:

git branch gh-pages
git push origin gh-pages
npm run gh-pages

Folder structure

  • src should hold your modules components / services / pipes etc. Organised them however you see fit!
  • test contains all your modules test files. Simply suffix the filenames with .spec.ts and they will be auto-included and ran
  • demo contains a demo app that shows off your module to users. It is also handy during development as unit tests will only get you so far when developing a UI component

npm scripts

Once you've scaffolded out your module everything is then controlled by npm scripts:

  • npm start to serve the demo page of your module with live-reload as you develop. Unit tests are also run in the background.
  • npm test will run your unit tests once and npm run test:watch will run them continuously
  • npm run commit will run the git commit wizard when you're ready to commit a change
  • npm run release will publish a new release. First make sure you've created the gh-pages branch and pushed it to github. Next change the version in package.json to the new version you would like to release, but don't commit it yet. Now run npm run release and the new version will be built and published to npm, as well as the demo and documentation generated and pushed to the gh-pages branch of your project.

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