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    The Angular-Dynamo generator

    A Yeoman generator for AngularJS and Dynamo.

    Dynamo is an Elixir-based micro-framework. For AngularJS integration with other micro-frameworks, see


    Install Git, node.js, Elixir, Dynamo, and PostgreSQL.

    Install Yeoman:

    npm install -g yo

    Install the Angular-Dynamo generator:

    npm install -g generator-angular-dynamo

    The above prerequisites can be installed to a VM using the Angular-Dynamo provisioner.

    Creating a Dynamo service

    In a new directory, generate the service:

    yo angular-dynamo

    Get dependencies:

    mix deps.get

    Build the service:

    mix compile

    Run the service:

    mix server

    Your service will run at http://localhost:3000.

    Creating a persistent entity

    First, create a database named dynamo_db in PostgreSQL.

    Generate the entity:

    yo angular-dynamo:entity [myentity]

    You will be asked to specify attributes for the entity, where each attribute has the following:

    • a name
    • a type (String, Integer, Float, Boolean, Date, Enum)
    • for a String attribute, an optional minimum and maximum length
    • for a numeric attribute, an optional minimum and maximum value
    • for a Date attribute, an optional constraint to either past values or future values
    • for an Enum attribute, a list of enumerated values
    • whether the attribute is required

    Files that are regenerated will appear as conflicts. Allow the generator to overwrite these files as long as no custom changes have been made.

    Run a database migration to create a new table:

    mix ecto:migrate Repo

    Run the service:

    mix server

    A client-side AngularJS application will now be available by running

    grunt server

    The Grunt server will run at http://localhost:9000. It will proxy REST requests to the Dynamo service running at http://localhost:3000.

    At this point you should be able to navigate to a page to manage your persistent entities.

    The Grunt server supports hot reloading of client-side HTML/CSS/Javascript file changes.


    npm i generator-angular-dynamo

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