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    Ambition Generator

    Yeoman generator for Ambition.

    Table of Contents

    1. Installation
    2. Usage
    3. Options
    4. Structure


    To install Yeoman:

    npm install -g yo

    To install the Ambition generator:

    npm install -g generator-ambition


    Using the Ambition generator is simple:

    yo ambition

    To run tests:

    npm test

    To build your project (compiles js and/or css to the build directory):

    npm run build


    The Ambition generator will ask you several questions and generate app scaffolding based on your answers.

    What would you like to call your project? (required)

    The name of your project. Used to create folder and file names.

    Does your project use Stylus?

    True to include Stylus for automatic compilation. Save your .styl files to the style directory. The resulting css is saved to build/project-name.css.

    Does your project use jQuery?

    True to include jQuery in the project. The jQuery files are saved to lib/jquery.

    Does your project used ECMAScript 6?

    True to include the Traceur compiler and runtime. The runtime files are saved to lib/traceur.

    Do you want to run tests on Browserstack?

    True to automatically run your Jasmine tests on Browserstack. You must set appropriate BROWSERSTACK_USERNAME and BROWSERSTACK_KEY enviornment variables before testing. This task is ignored if both variables are not set.

    Do you want to exlcude JavaScript from your project?

    True to exclude JS compilation and testing tools from your project.


    Save .styl files to the style directory. Save .js files to appropriate modules in the src directory. Save tests in each module's tests directory.

    Example file tree (with included CSS and jQuery):

    ├── bower.json
    ├── build
    │   ├── my-app.js
    │   └── my-app.css
    ├── gruntfile.js
    ├── lib
    │   └── jquery
    │       ├── MIT-LICENSE.txt
    │       ├── bower.json
    │       ├── jquery.js
    │       ├── jquery.min.js
    │       └──
    ├── package.json
    ├── src
    │   └── my-app
    │       ├── app.js
    │       └── tests
    │           └── app_tests.js
    └── style
        └── variables
            └── all.styl


    npm i generator-ambition

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