Project bootstrapping with an emphasis on simplicity.

A simple project bootstrapping utility.

[sudo] npm install -g generator
generate --setup
generate -t module -n myAwesomeProject

Templates are simply directories with any combination of files and sub-directories found within them. To create a new template simply create a new directory within your ~/.generator path or copy one of the default templates and modify it. Upon use, Generator will walk the template looking for any instances of __yourVariableName__ and prompt for a value. For example, a template including this:

 * __description__
 * @package __name__
 * @author __author__ <__email__>

Will prompt:

description: A description of my project
author: Nyan Cat

Which will then write:

 * A description of my project
 * @package myAwesomeProject
 * @author Nyan Cat <>

Generator comes with a number of templates to get you started (additional "starter" templates are welcomed). While they are usable as-is, the whole point of Generator is make the creation and modification of custom templates easy... so go get your hands dirty and hack your own! module - Template for a standard Node.js module binary - Template for a standard Node.js CLI application arduino - Template for a basic Arduino project

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