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var generate_data = require('generate-geo-testing-data');
var generator = generate_data(
    { mode: 'tiles' },
    function(z, x, y) {
        return [z, x, y].join('/') + '.png';
generator(function(uri) {
    // uri is '0/0/0.png' 


generator(options, formatter)

valid options:

  • mode can be tiles, batch, latlon, place, jsonp, or replay
  • minzoom
  • maxzoom
  • bbox (for batch and polyline)
  • maxBatch (for bench and polyline) - max number of points to generate
  • z (for polyline) - used to estimate tile size, which is used to generate point density

Mode Options:

  • tiles gives a z, x, y
  • latlon does width, height, lat, lon, zoom
  • jsonp generates numbers
  • place generates place names
  • batch generates a given number of random points within a bounding box
  • polyline generated a random encoded polyline within a bounding box

formatter takes a function that takes the data, like xyz coordinates or placenames, and turns them into output