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Gearsloth is a system that enables delayed tasks and persistent storage schemes in Gearman queue server. It consists of a small javascript helper library and a daemon that functions as both a gearman worker listening to delayed tasks and a client submitting those tasks at a specified time. The gearslothd daemon supports a database backend architecture which abstracts persisting delayed tasks to a database.

Quick start

  1. Read about the basic structure of gearsloth
  2. Configure your gearsloth or just start it in all modes with ./bin/gearslothd
  3. Learn how to [submit delayed tasks](Doc/Injector to gearsloth

Running tests

$ npm test

Running example worker/client

$ make log-delayed

Running sqlite adapter example

$ node ./examples/sqlite-adapter-example.js

or use make targets test or unit-test.

Running tests in virtualized environment

$ vagrant up
$ vagrant ssh

sloth:~$ cd gearsloth
sloth:~/gearsloth$ make test