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    This set of libraries was generated with Angular CLI version 9.1.0 and no dependencies accept gd-tree (it has jquery and jstree) and gd-graph (it has jquery and chart.js).

    Ask me about GDWorkspace -

    Live Demo

    Ribbon, Canvas, Grid, TreeView, Windows,
    Dashboard, Graph, Tab, PG, Accordion, ContextMenu, Editors

    GDWorkspace content

    1. GDCommon
    2. GDWindow
    3. GDContextmenu
    4. GDTooltip
    5. GDDashboard
    6. GDAccordion
    7. GDTab (top/bottom header layout)
    8. GDGraph (angular wrapper for chart.js)
    9. GDRibbon
    10. GDCanvas
    11. GDSplitter
    12. GDTreeView (angular wrapper for jstree Thank you Ivan Bozhanov)
    13. GDComboEditor (multi selection feature)
    14. GDColorEditor
    15. GDNumberEditor
    16. GDDateEditor
    17. GDTextEditor
    18. GDSliderEditor
    19. GDPropertyGrid (full settings control, group by category, edit subobjects)
    20. GDGrid (full settings control, no pager, inline edit)

    How to use GDWorkspace (example projects)

    Download... gd-windows-example.
    Download... gd-ribbon-example.
    Download... gd-grid-example.
    Download... gd-dashboard-example.
    Download... gd-tree-example.
    Download... gd-grid-server ( C# .Net core 2.0, .Net core 3.1 ).
    Download... gd-controls-example.
    Download... gd-editors-example.


    Create Angular App and install any library

    1. Install GDCommon (npm i gd-common)
    2. Install GDWindow (npm i gd-window)
    3. Install GDContextMenu (npm i gd-contextmenu)
    4. Install GDTooltip (npm i gd-tooltip)
    5. Install GDAccordion (npm i gd-accordion)
    6. Install GDDashboard (npm i gd-dashboard)
    7. Install GDTab (npm i gd-tab)
    8. Install GDGraph (npm i gd-graph)
    9. Install GDRibbon (npm i gd-ribbon)
    10. Install GDTree (npm i gd-tree) ( requires jquery and jstree )
    11. Install GDSplitter (npm i gd-splitter)
    12. Install GDComboEditor (npm i gd-comboEditor)
    13. Install GDColorEditor (npm i gd-colorEditor)
    14. Install GDDateEditor (npm i gd-dateEditor)
    15. Install GDNumberEditor (npm i gd-numberEditor)
    16. Install GDTextEditor (npm i gd-textEditor)
    17. Install GDSliderEditor (npm i gd-sliderEditor)
    18. Install GDPG (npm i gd-pg)
    19. Install GDGrid (npm i gd-grid)


    npm i gd-canvas

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