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GCode JS - statemachine to parse GCode

This package contains a statemachine based parser to parse GCode in node or (possibly) in the browser.


It's fairly rough around the edges at the moment. No support for parameters


Should be fairly straightforward to use. Require require parser.js:

var gcode = require("./parser.js")

Afterwards, instantiate the parser, with a callback (see below) and optional configuration:

var parser = new gcode.GCode(cb, cfg)

Call parse on any data / chunks of data you receive. Typically (see config, below) parse will emit data for each event to the callback adn return true or terminate processing, returning false after an error is encountered and error data is emitted.

... get data from somewhere ...
if (!parser.parse(data)) {
  .. quit parsing ...


The callback you pass to the GCode constructor will receive data describing one of the following events:

  • BLOCK_START : start of a block (line)
  • BLOCK_END : end of a block (line)
  • BLOCK_DEL : indicates a leading '/'
  • WORD : a complete word, e.g. G00, M02, X12.12
  • COMMENT : the text of a comment
  • ERROR : an error

Data passed to the callback is a hash an will always contain the following parameters:

  • ev : one of gcode.Events.BLOCK_START, ...BLOCK_END, (...)
  • line_no : the line currently being processed (line of the file, not the line indicated by N words.

ERROR events also have the following parameters: msg the error message and state which is the internal state of the parser and is only useful for debugging, this will likely be omitted in the future.

WORD events have the following additional parameters: code the letter part of the word and value the value part. Unless you configure the parser to do otherwise, it will also contain a desc parameter with a humanreadable describtion of the command.

COMMENT contains a parameter called comment containing the text of the comment, stripped of comment delimiters.


The optinal cfg parameter that may be passed to the constructor is a hash which may currently contain two configuration options:

  • continue_on_err : don't return false from parse after an error has been emitted, instead, try to recover (this may void your warranty)
  • no_annotate : don't append the desc parameter to word events.


This will be part of a JS based CNC control for the Anykey[1] /Anycnc[2]


Write a proper example driver for anycnc ... Package nicely for npm.




README.md : this file anycnc.js : example drive, extremly wip test : test fixtures make_json_fixtures.js : pre-parse fixture data for test parser.js : the actual parser test_gcode.js : run tests.

[1] http://www.anykey0x.de [2] http://blog.anykey0x.de/?p=60




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