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    Google Cloud Storage Upload via HTTP JSON Api

    This project makes it simple to upload a file to a Google Cloud Storage bucket using Google's HTTP JSON Api. This is an option you can use instead of having a dependency on the entire Google SDK toolchain, which can have some downsides.

    Mainly, it's huge, over 80MB of node_modules. If you are packaging that into a deployable package such as an Electron app or an executable created with pkg then that is a huge dependency to pull in when all you want is to enable uploading a file.

    Secondly, the authentication token generation for service accounts is useful as you can use this token elsewhere with Google's services.



    Firstly, see the example/run_example.js file for a sample of how to use the code. Run it using

    node run_example.js --file=FILE_TO_UPLOAD --service_key=SERVICE_KEY_FILE

    The SERVICE_KEY_FILE is a file containing your generated private key for a service account. You can generate a new one by going to the URL<YOUR PROJECT ID>/settings/serviceaccounts/adminsdk and clicking the Generate new private key button.


    There are two modules, auth and upload.

    • auth authenticates your application using the private key and service account email address. It returns a Promise. To use it, do the following:
    const {auth} = require('gcloud-storage-json-upload');
    const privateKey = ......
    const serviceAccountEmail = ......
    auth(privateKey, serviceAccountEmail).then(token => {
      // Cool, I have a token that lasts for an hour, I can do stuff with it!  
    • upload uploads a file to the server. You pass it the file path to upload, the token you received from the auth function, and the storage ID of the Google Cloud storage bucket you are using. This is generally the same as the project_id field in the private key file.
    const {auth, upload} = require('gcloud-storage-json-upload');
    const filePath = .....
    const privateKey = ......
    const serviceAccountEmail = ......
    const storageID = ......
    auth(privateKey, serviceAccountEmail).then(token => {
      upload(filePath, token, storageID).then(() => {
        console.log('Sweet my file uploaded');
      }).catch((err) => {
         console.log('Uh oh, file upload failed with error',err);


    npm i gcloud-storage-json-upload

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