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Google Cloud Parse Adapters

Parse Server adapters for the Google Cloud Platform.


$ npm i gcloud-parse-adapters

Google Cloud Storage

Note: You need to setup a Google Cloud Storage account to get started.

Parse Setup

var StorageAdapter = require('gcloud-parse-adapters').StorageAdapter;
var api = new ParseServer({
  databaseURI: databaseUri || 'mongodb://localhost:27017/dev',
  appId: process.env.APP_ID || 'myAppId',
  masterKey: process.env.MASTER_KEY || '',
  filesAdapter: new StorageAdapter(
      configurations: {keyFilename: 'GCLOUD_KEY_FILE'},
      directAccess: true

StorageAdapter constructor options

new StorageAdapter(projectId, bucket, options)


  • projectId: The project ID from the Google Developer's Console. E.g. 'purple-grape-123'.
  • bucket: the name of your Google Storage bucket.

options is a Javascript object (map) that can contain:

  • configurations: Google Cloud Configurations Object. Learn more

  • bucketPrefix: create all the files with the specified prefix added to the filename. Can be used to put all the files for an app in a folder with 'folder/'. Default: ''

  • directAccess: whether reads are going directly to Google Cloud Storage or proxied through your Parse Server. Default: false

Learn more about Google Cloud Storage for Node.js here.