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gc-graphson-text-plugin is a gremlin-console plugin that displays text output instead of json. This makes the console ressemble the TinkerPop gremlin console.

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npm install gc-graphson-text-plugin

You will also need to add this jar to your Gremlin server path. Do this by adding the file in <gremlin-server-home>/ext/gremlinbin-plugin/plugin/. Then load it by adding the following to your gremlin-server.yaml configuration file :

# ... 
  - dmill.gremlinbin
# ... 
  { className: com.dmill.GBPlugin.serializers.ConsoleAndGraphSONMessageSerializerV1d0, config: { useMapperFromGraph: graph }}       # application/gremlinbin 

Getting started

Using ES2015/2016
import GremlinConsole from 'gremlin-console';
import GCGraphSONTextPlugin from 'gc-graphson-text-plugin';
//create a console + input combo by passing css selectors to GremlinConsole 
const gc = GremlinConsole('#console-window', '#console-input');
gc.register(GCGraphSONTextPlugin()); //register the plugin 
In browser

It is not recomended that you do this as this is relatively heavy. gremlin-console and gc-graphson-text-plugin will contain duplicate dependencies (though they shouldn't conflict). However it is a possible use case.

  <!-- ... -->
  <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="umd/css/default.css">
  <script src="path-to-umd/gremlin-console.min.js"></script> 
  <script src="path-to-umd/gc-graphson-text-plugin.min.js"></script> 
//create a console + input combo by passing css selectors to GremlinConsole 
var gc = GremlinConsole.create('#console-window', '#console-input');
gc.register(GCGraphSONTextPlugin.init()); //register the plugin 

Switching between text and JSON

It is possible to switch between the two outputs manualy. The plugin will actually include the JSON response in the console with it's visibility toggled off. For example :

<div id="window">
   <div class="port-section">
      <div class="port-query">g.V().limit(1).valueMap()<div>
      <div class="port-response text"><!-- text/console output here --><div>
      <div class="port-response json" style="display:none;"><!-- hidden graphSON/JSON output here --><div>

You can simply hide/show whichever output you desire. In jQuery this could look like :

$("#window .port-response.text").hide();
$("#window .port-response.json").show();