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GBTS (GameBoy TypeScript)

GBTS (GameBoy TypeScript) is a utility to transpile, compile and create Roms for GameBoy. Stop writing your roms in C, write them in TypeScript.

This utility is based on 2 projects:

  • ts2c Transform .ts file to .c file.
  • gbdk-n Gameboy Development Kit adapted to the new Small Device C Compiler (SDCC).



First of all you need the C compiler. This will allow you to compile applications written in C for small devices.

Download and install SDCC:

Windows :

Download the latest version of SDCC :

Currently the latest version of SDCC is 3.9.0. The file to download is sdcc-3.9.0-x64-setup.exe.

Once the installer is downloaded, run it to install the compilation chain, paying attention to the following two points:

  • Make sure the “SDCC GBZ80 library” box is checked.
  • At the end of the installation, make sure the “Add C: \ ... to the PATH” box is checked too.

Linux (Debian and Ubuntu) :

Just execute the following command : sudo apt install build-essential sdcc sdcc-libraries.


NodeJS 8 is required.


  • 1 - Install dependencies : npm install.
  • 2 - Build : npm run build.

For now use the start script : npm start. This command requires parameters (npm start -- [--<option>], ex : npm start -- --path <path_to_.ts_file>).

Option Description Example
help show help npm start -- --help
version show version number npm start -- --version
path Path to .ts file to be transpiled to .c npm start -- --path C:/hello.ts

The famous 'HelloWorld' !

Once the prerequisites have been completed, let's write your first hello workd on GameBoy. his tutorial works on windows and uses the emulator BGB. (it can be downloaded here)

Step 1

White a hello.ts TypeScript file whith the following content : console.log("Hello World!") and nothing else ...

Step 2

After installing the GBTS dependencies (npm install). Go to the root directory of GBTS and type the following command: npm start -- --path <path_to_hello.ts>.

Step 3

Once the step 2 finished, start bgb.exe and drag and drop the one the GBG screen.

You should see the following image appear :

Hello world

Congrats !

See more examples here :



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