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    Plugin for fetching a single revision of a remote repository into gatsby source tree.

    Keeping the code and content together in a single revision history might not always be a solution (e.g. content is used in multiple sites). This plugin allows to separate the content from your code, while keeping a clear relation between the code and the content, thus, avoiding error due to inconsistencies between code and content.


    npm install --save gatsby-plugin-git


    yarn add gatsby-plugin-git

    How to use

    Hide a folder from your git revision history.


    Then configure the plugin to fetch a specific commit from your remote repository.

    module.exports = {
      plugins: [
        // You can have multiple instances of this plugin
        // to fetch multiple 
          resolve: 'gatsby-plugin-git',
          options: {
            // remote name, default to origin
            remote: 'origin',
            // SHA1 revision to fetch and checkout
            revision: '7beed15dd03e03f9f9a183ed3b53f0e51f6dbbd7',
            // url of the repository to fetch
            url: ``,
            // folder in which to put the repository
            path: `${__dirname}/content/my-repo`,

    ⚠️ This plugin will checkout the specified revision, discarding your current branch tip, even if the revision is the head of your current branch. It will result in a detached HEAD. So you might not want to use this on your development environement, as you would have to constantly checkout back to your branch to commit new revisions.

    It is specifically intended for automated deployment, to fetch a single revision of a repository (not the full history) and check it out. So you might want to condition this plugin to run only on deployment. And for your development environement, you can manually put the repository in your local content folder, e.g. using submodules, or symbolic links.

    Simplest example

    As an example, I forked gatsby-starter-default and added this plugin to fetch some random repo:

    All the code needed to use the plugin can be found in this commit: (It doesn't include the condition for deployment only, though, as that would depend on your environements)

    It fetches the repo toddmotto/public-apis, and sources it with gatsby-source-filesystem. As a result, the file should be available in your graph.


    npm i gatsby-plugin-git

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