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NPM module that exports the GameBoyCore.js file from grantgalitz/GameBoy-Online


  • Converted into module.
  • Avoids using globals.
  • Cleaner interface for options tuning.
  • Compatible with browsers and node.js.
  • Removed js-based resizing in favor of browser's.
  • Allow for ROM input as Buffer or ArrayBuffer instead of deprecated binary strings
  • Linting.
  • Removed unneeded dependencies.
  • Main interface turned into an Emitter.
  • Incorporated debug.
  • Added server-side usage examples

How to use

var gb = require('gameboy');
gb(canvasElement, romData, opts);


  • bootRom - boot with boot ROM first (true)
  • gbBootRom - use gameboy boot ROM instead of gameboy color (false)
  • mbc1 - allow for MCB1 instead of ROM only (false)
  • prioritizeGb - give priority to gameboy mode (false)
  • interval - emulator loop interval (6)
  • canvas - custom canvas constructor (null)
  • imageSmoothing - smooth images when resizing (true)
  • drawEvents - emit draw (false)
  • sound - sound interface (null)
  • volume - volume level (1)
  • audioBufferMin - minimum span amount over x interpreter iterations (10)
  • audioBufferMax - maximum span amount over x interpreter iterations (20)
  • colorizeGb - colorize gameboy mode (true)
  • overrideMbc - override MBC RAM disabling and always allow reading and writing to the banks (false)
  • typedArrays - use typed arrays (true)
  • channels - user controlled channel enables ([true,true,true,true])


  • draw raised only if drawEvents is true whenever a draw to the canvas occurs
  • error raised when emulation should be paused due to unexpected behavior


GPL2 - Copyright (C) 2010 - 2012 Grant Galitz