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Galenframework CLI

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Galen allows automated testing of look and feel for your responsive websites.

The command line tool to use Galen. This includes the wrapper above and webdriver downloads for different browsers NPM

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You must have Java 6+ installed.

(sudo) npm install -g galenframework-cli

Or the develop build, which maybe not be stable

(sudo) npm install -g galenframework-cli@next

If you want to enable tab completion on Linux, run

galen completion >> ~/.~/.bashrc or galen completion >> ~/.~/.zshrc

On Mac OS X, run

galen completion >> ~/.~/.profile

In case of errors within Ubuntu/Debian, e.g.

sh: 1: node: not find

Then you need to install nodejs-legacy:

(sudo) apt-get install nodejs-legacy


Martin Reinhardt

Martin Reinhardt

Thanks for Obvious and their PhantomJS project for heavy inspiration! Check their project on Github.