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    Quick Start

    • Clone the repository: git clone
    • Install dependencies with: npm install
    • Configure the build links with: npm run config

    Build Process

    The npm run build command, generated files into the dist folder, separated themes file.

    Release process

    We are using npm version to generate our releases. There are 3 kind of releases generally used: major, minor and patch. See the for more details.

    The process is:

    1. After merge PR on master:

      git checkout master
      git pull --tags origin master
    2. Run npm run version command.

    3. Run npm version major|minor|patch -m "Message of your changes" (important: you need to be an admin to push on master).

    4. Now let's publish the package on npm:

      1. If you not have access to Org GetNinjas in NPM, you need ask for users in Org to add you.
      2. If nothing fails on npm version and you have the credentials of npm GetNinjas account, run npm publish.
    5. Done! Now, you can install the package on any project!

    Deploy to gh-pages

    1. Run npm run deploy-storybook to publish static site in gh-pages;

    2. Access this link and enjoy it!


    Here are a description of the scripts that we have in the project:

    Script Description
    storybook Start storybook for development purposes
    build-storybook Build storybook for deploy. The output is in docs folder
    deploy-storybook Deploy storybook in github-pages
    version Build the project and add the dist folder to git stage
    postversion Script that runs after the version (due to naming conventions). Push the changes and the tags to the branch
    build Build the library


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