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    nodejs leaves management application

    This application help you manage presence of your employees in your company. The staff can do requests, access to their planning, the department planning, the remaining vacation rights...

    • Leave requests
    • Time saving deposits requests
    • Work period recovery requests

    Approval by managers is following hierarchical departments structure.

    Video preview:


    Admin view screenshoot:

    View a right

    For technical details to install Gadael on your own server for production, see

    Install on a debian system for development

    As root, this commands install all required packages to use AND build gadael.

    apt install mongodb nodejs-legacy git g++ gyp gcc make
    npm install -g bower

    As a user

    git clone
    cd gadael
    npm install
    bower install

    A script in provided to initialize the database:

    node install.js gadael "Your company name" FR

    First argument is the database name, default is gadael. Second argument is your company name, default is "Gadael". Third argument is the country code used to initialize the database, if not provided the leave rights list will be empty.

    Run server

    node app.js 3000 gadael

    First argument is the http port second argument is the database name

    open http://localhost:3000 in your browser, you will be required to create an admin account on the first page.

    Application listen on localhost only, an https reverse proxy will be necessary to open access to users.

    The file config.example.js can be copied to config.js for further modifications.


    Install grunt as root

    npm install -g grunt-cli

    List of supported commands for development:

    grunt --help


    • Add confirmation dialog for the right delete button
    • Verify that the mail "usercreated" is received by admin when a google account is created by login
    • Account initialization by google login, copy google image if google+ available
    • ICSDB integration for non working days calendar
    • ICS Export
    • Right collection modification (report quantity on new rights)
    • Manager substitute one of his subordinates to create request



    FSF approved, OSI approved and GPL compatible...


    npm i gadael

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