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    Gacha Sort

    Randomly sort until entire array is sorted.


    The term gacha originally from gashapon, a japanese vending-machine dispense random capsule toys. In this current era, online video game are also implemented the gashapon which similar to loot box mechanism.

    As an implementation of Gacha Sort, a number of array is receive then randomly sort an entire array until it's sorted which is based pure luck.

    Similar to Permutation Sort which is also randomly sort. When Gacha Sort finished its sort-checking mechanism, the whole array is reset and randomly sort again from a copy of the original input but asynchronously an non-thread blocking.

    Time complexity of Gacha Sort is range between O(2n) and O(Infinity(2n)). The best-case of Gacha Sort is O(2n).
    while the worst-case is O(Infinity(2n)). Which means somehow it might never return on one scenario but quickly return in another scenario.

    To make it non-thread blocking, Gacha Sort is implemented asynchronously return Promise which would be resolved until the array is sorted.

    Illustrate in Psudo Code


    Example Usage

    It's basically:

    import gachatSort from 'gacha-sort'
    let someAsyncFunction = async() => {
        await gachaSort([3,1,2]) // [1,2,3]

    For some reason, you might interested in pre-built module:

    import gachaSort from 'gacha-sort/dist'
    let someAsyncFunction = async() => {
        await gacha([3,1,2]) // [1,2,3]

    Or use other module resolution:

    const gachaSort = require('gacha-sort/dist/cjs')
    let someAsyncFunction = async() => {
        await gachaSort([3,1,2]) // [1,2,3]

    The reason why you might interested in Gacha Sort is because it contains the word Gacha in it and also contains Gacha Image in the package. Azur Lane Old Gacha Interface Arknights Gacha Honkai Impact 3rd Gacha Fate Grand Order Gacha


    npm i gacha-sort

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